Bay Standard Manufacturing sets itself apart from other large all thread rod manufacturers by delivering products ready to ship to your customer or jobsite.

Cut-to-size rod used for concrete embedment is our business. Most of these rods require a nut and plate/flat washer in application. As opposed to you assembling the components to the threaded rod, or requiring your customer to assemble at the jobsite, let Bay Standard do the work and have product ready to install at the jobsite.

What are the benefits of relying on Bay Standard:

  • Use our labor and have a complete assembly cost ready to quote including required nuts and washers.
  • Reduce on hand inventory for assembled hardware and just get what you need for the project.
  • Eliminate lost hardware in the field.
  • Assemblies can be segregated and identified by pour sequence for accurate product placement at the jobsite.

Concrete embedment assemblies are just one application our customers use us for.  If you have hardware to assemble onto threaded rod – Bay Standard Manufacturing can offer you a turnkey solution to help effectively service your customers.

product assembly service
Product Assemblies
product assembly
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Product Assembly Service

Let us be your source for threaded products.
From one piece to one truckload – We supply your needs.