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Square Plate Washers, also known as Bearing Plates are typically produced from low-carbon steel and are generally available in plain and hot-dip-galvanized finish.

A plate washer is used in anchoring wood to concrete slabs to provide a larger surface area for the anchor bolt to distribute the load. The plate helps prevent the bolt from pulling through the wood and provides a secure connection between the wood and the concrete. It also helps to prevent the wood from splitting or cracking around the anchor bolt. Overall, the bearing plate helps to ensure a strong and stable connection between the wood and concrete, which is critical for structural stability.

Bay Standard stocks an extensive inventory of Square Plate Washers available for immediate shipment. Bay Standard Manufacturing imports and stocks the following size ranges and finishes:

concrete anchor bolts

Anchor Bolts

Mechanical and Chemical req. for ASTM A307A Anchor Bolts Low Carbon Steel - 60,000 PSI Min Tensile

Chemical Requirements (%)

Carbon Max0.29
Manganese Max1.2
Phosphorus Max0.04
Sulfur Max0.15

Mechanical Requirements

Tensile (KSI)Min: 60 / Max: -
Elongation in 2" Min (%)Min: 18 / Max: -
Hardness BrinellMin: 121 / Max: 241
Hardness RockwellMin: 69 / Max: 100
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ASTM A307 Grade A Anchor Bolts

ASTM A307 has 3 Grades:


ABolts and studs having a minimum tensile strength of 60 ksi and intended for general applications
BBolts and studs having a minimum tensile strength of 60 to 100 ksi and intended for flanged joints in piping systems with cast iron flanges
CReplaced by Specification F1554 Grade 36
Import anchor bolts 11072023

The Scope of ASTM F1554-36 States: Anchor bolts intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations. Such structural supports include building columns, column supports for highway signs, street lighting and traffic signals, steel bearing plates, and similar applications.

By the definition of the standard ASTM A307A is not the proper callout for Bolts with the intended purpose of anchoring structures to concrete. In practice ASTM A307A is commonly called out for non-critical applications. It is good practice to refer to construction plans prior to ordering.

ASTM A307A Anchor Bolts are designed to provide connection between structural elements. Manufactured to meet the specifications set by ASTM A307A, these anchor bolts ensure adequate performance.

Constructed from carbon steel, ASTM A307A anchor bolts offer excellent strength and durability. They feature a threaded end that is embedded into the concrete or masonry surface, providing a reliable and long-lasting connection. The opposite end of the anchor bolt is typically bent or formed into a hook shape to prevent it from pulling out of the concrete.

With a plain or hot-dip galvanized finish, these anchor bolts offer excellent corrosion resistance, protecting them from rust and other forms of degradation. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including construction, infrastructure, and industrial projects.

ASTM A307A anchor bolts are available in various diameters, lengths, and configurations to accommodate different project requirements. They are commonly used in applications such as structural steel connections, equipment anchorage, and foundation anchoring.

When it comes to choosing a reliable and robust fastening solution for concrete or masonry surfaces, ASTM A307A Anchor Bolts are the perfect choice. With their high-quality construction, corrosion resistance, and secure threaded connection, they ensure a strong and durable anchoring solution for a variety of projects and applications.

Bay Standard Manufacturing imports and stocks the following size ranges and finishes:

concrete anchor bolt
concrete anchor bolts image
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