Anchor Bolts
Product Overview

An anchor bolt is a type of fastener used to attach objects to concrete. It consists of a threaded rod, either straight or bent, that is embedded in the concrete with the threaded end portion protruding above the surface. The protruding end of the anchor bolt is then used to attach the object or structure to the surface using nuts, flat washers and/or plate washers. Anchor bolts are commonly used in construction and engineering applications, such as anchoring steel columns or wood framing to a foundation.

90˚ Bent Anchor Bolt
Commonly referred to as a “L” shaped anchor bolt. The shorter bent portion known as the leg or hook is embedded into a concrete slab and provides resistance so that the bolt will not pull out when force is applied.

ASTM F1554 is the governing standard for concrete embedment’s. Bay Standard Manufacturing produces ½” through 2” “L” shaped anchor bolts to ASTM F1554-36 and ASTM F1554-55. Both can be supplied in plain and HDG finish. At our customers request, Bay Standard can produce this style of anchor bolts in other diameters and materials including low carbon and stainless steels.

When ordering specify material grade, specification, finish, and dimensions as follows:

  • Diameter and thread pitch (B)
  • Bolt length from inside bend (C)
  • Hook length from inside bend (D)
  • Thread length (E)

At customers request, anchor bolts can be bagged with matching nuts and washers or supplied in bulk.

Anchor Rods
An anchor rod for concrete embedment is a type of fastener that is used to secure structures and equipment to concrete foundations. Typically anchor rods will include a plate washer to achieve desired pullout values when force is applied. Plate washers are usually secured to the rod with 2 nuts. It is critical to follow engineering design when specifying material grades, plate dimensions, and finish. For less critical load requirements, anchor rods may be inserted into a hole drilled into the concrete and secured with epoxy or other adhesive material to create a strong bond between the anchor rod and concrete.

As in all anchor bolts/rods for embedment into concrete, the governing material standard is ASTM F1554.

F1554 Anchor Bolts
F1554 Anchor Bolt

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